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Let us properly designed and promoted your new Web Site. It will be able to perform any or all of the following functions:

Expose your company, products, and services to your world of potential customers; i.e., precisely the market segments you would be targeting with a printed linecard or catalog, but for considerably less money.

Generate a constant stream of new contacts, sales leads, and sales.

Hotlink manufacturers to local distributor Web Sites, for instant sales leads distribution.

Hotlink resellers to manufacturer Web Sites for instant product specs and technical support.

Free-up your people from continuously faxing/mailing product information and spec sheets.

Free-up your people from repeatedly answering the same technical support questions.

Disiminate new product announcements and press releases to more people than you ever thought possible with print media.

Collect product feedback on a continuous basis.

Provide E-mail for your sales and management teams.

Supplement, and with time replace, the function of your printed linecards and catalogs with a farther reaching, easily upgradeable and much less expensive On-line Catalog.

With the inevitable shift of the computer generation in positions of buying power, corporate or otherwise, the question about your company getting on the WEB is not "IF" but "WHEN" ...

We are here to help. Ask us for a FREE, thorough check of your competition on Internet. They may already be there, building up their market share with the most advanced marketing and communications tool in history.


Lets disscus it. Here is how you can contact us:

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