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cable pinsThe Pin-to-Pin Cable Diagrams Database contains over 135 million cables for interconnecting Computers, Disk Drives, Printers, Terminals, PLCs, Routers, Modems, DSU/CSUs, MUXs, Monitors, CD-ROMs, Converters, Sound Cards, etc. To get cables made with any of these pinouts Click Here

The ConnectWorld Database provides cables for the full range of Interconnect Standards: RS -232, RS-423, RS-485, RS-530, RS-422, RS-449, Parallel Centronics, Parallel Dataproducts, Parallel IEEE 1284, SCSI 1, 2 & 3, V.35, X.21, Video Analog, Video TTL, Token Ring, Ethernet, Multimedia, Universal Serial Bus, etc. Some sections of the databse are FREE and available to all Internet users.



If you need  a particular cable diagram, direct consulting services are available. Please call 201-288-7008


Should you need to get the actual cables, rather than the pin-to-pin cable diagrams, visit our Products and Solutions SHOPPING MALL.  It will satisfy your most unique as well as your most difficult cabling requirements. The MALL offers a complete array of custom and OEM cables from dozens of specialized companies across U.S. and Canada. It also exhibits over 200,000 interconnect products and accessories for all your network installations and connectivity projects.

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A great source for discounts on cables, adapters, pc peripherals, specialty cd cases, gel mouse pads and wrist pillows.

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Optimized Cable Company

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